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Since 1997, the law office of Flook and Graham, P.C., has offered nationwide, high quality legal services to federal employees regarding disability law. Whether you face a jury trial, civil trial or administrative proceeding, our team of highly-skilled federal disability retirement attorneys will be beside you every step of the way. We welcome inquiries from all states regarding Federal employees' disability, Federal employee disability retirement, OPM disability retirement, Disability retirement attorney, FDA disability retirement & FERS disability retirement representation.

The law offices of Flook and Graham, P.C. actively represent federal employees in claims against the federal government relating to their employment. Some of the claims we have handled include:

FDA disability retirementWe have Successfully handled claims on behalf of federal employees through all stages of the process including initial administrative appeals, administrative hearings, Federal District Court litigation and Federal appeals. Our office is equipped to offer representation at any stage in the process.

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